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Following the publication of the Draft Area Plan for the North and West in June 2022, Cabinet Office gives notice that a Public Inquiry is to be held in accordance with paragraph 4 of Schedule 1 to the Town and Country Planning Act 1999.

The Draft Area Plan for the North and West expands on the broad policies and proposals set out in the Isle of Man Strategic Plan relating them to precise areas of land within Ramsey and Peel, the district of Michael and the parishes of German, Patrick, Jurby, Andreas, Bride, Ballaugh, Lezayre and Garff (Maughold ward only).

The Plan Aims to:

  • Build better communities
  • Support health and well-being goals
  • Support a vibrant economy
  • Protect the environment
  • Support the delivery of 'Our Island Plan'

For further information

Contact the Programme Officers at or on +44 1624 685204

Key dates

Key dates and venues of the Inquiry.

Provisional schedule of matters & issues

A provisional and not necessarily exhaustive list of matters and issues that need to be addressed by the Inspector in the Report on the Draft APNW.

Firm programme

The Inspector has now issued his Firm Programme v3, listing issues and participants. Please note this may be subject to some amendments so please visit the site regularly to check for any updates.

Public Inquiry Papers & Core Documents

The Cabinet Office has now published the Public Inquiry Papers (PIP) which will be subject to examination at Public Inquiry.

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